As someone who has taken a stand against Fifty Shades of Grey and implemented a policy of unfollowing those who promote the movie’s trailer, I feel like I should mention my qualms about this gif-set that I’ve seen making the rounds on my dash. This is a scene from the movie Lovelace, which tells the story of porn star Linda Lovelace and the events surrounding the filming of Deep Throat, perhaps the most famous porn film of all time. While the above scene seems sweet and sexy, Linda’s story is one of horrific domestic and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband, Chuck Traynor who forced “his girl” to perform sex acts and in films at gunpoint. It’s one of the darker chapters of the 1970s porn industry, in which the $600 million-grossing Deep Throat played a big part (Lovelace herself made only $1,250 of that). I’m not going to unfollow anyone for posting this, since far less people have seen this movie than the 50SoG trailer, but I wanted to make sure the truth is out there.